Case Studies

TJ's Premium high end brand of frozen items

TJ’s Premium

TJ’s Premium is the high-end brother to TJ Farms, a brand marketed and sold into independent grocery stores across the US and Mexico. I worked with a designer, photographer, and R&D partner to create TJ’s Premium, a brand sold in Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Warehouse, among others. In one year, the TJ’s Premium brand became the highest-selling line in a $25M business. Products included Potato Skins, Twice Baked Potatoes, and Potato Wedge items.

Leveraging the success we’d had in the big box stores, I was able to sell this product line to HEB, Meijer, WinCo, and other strategic accounts.

Columbia Fruit

Columbia Fruit, a manufacturer and fruit processor with a long history of servicing the foodservice sector, enlisted me to take them into the retail market.

I started experimenting with different products outside of their usual single varietals and standard fruit blend offerings. As a result, the Columbia Fruit brand was created and encompassed items like organic mix-colored cauliflower, mangos, and a dragon fruit blend. These products reached Costco, HEB, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Meijer, Walmart, and Sam’s Club. Over three years, the $25M foodservice business grew to a $75M company, $50M of which was a direct result of the retail products.

Columbia Fruit Package Line
Bilingual New Age Kid's Meals

New Age

As head of business development, I called on my team of designers, photographers, and R&D specialists to create, and brand, this new line of kid’s microwaveable meals. It first launched in Costco and then became part of numerous private-label brands including Sav-A-Lot, Aldi and Trader Joe’s. In two years I helped grow company sales from $20M to $30M.

Winding River Farms

Winding River Farms was the brand developed by my marketing company that focused on food procurement, sales, and packaging. 

Independent grocery store chains were the primary target for this brand, and the startup company hit $1M in sales in the first year. Today it is a $10M business.

Winding River Farms frozen vegetables and fruits
Lisa's Kitchen Packages for Whole Foods

Lisa's Kitchen

For this project, I teamed up with a chef to help her realize the dream of taking her recipes to market. Together with my designer and R&D specialists, we created a line of products for retail, of which Whole Foods was our largest customer. 

SSS Brand

When I started my own business in 2018, I decided to get back to what I do best – create brands and take them to retail. To date, I’ve rolled out two: Leaf & Bloom, a high-end brand for smoothie mixes and fruit treats, and second-tier brand Savvy Shopper. 

Leaf & Bloom