Team Launch

Team Launch is designed for the Team Leader, Human Resource or Organization Effectiveness professional who has responsibility for the successful launch of a new project or functional team. It contains everything you need to get the team off to a successful start.

Team Launch includes:

  • Team Launch How-To Guide
  • Project Charter to get everyone on the same page
  • Activities to bring the team together and build trust
  • A process for creating operating norms
  • Responsibility assignment (SOCI) chart for defining roles
  • Alignment tool and process for making decisions

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Whether your team is a project-based team or a functional team such as customer service or finance, managing the beginning stages of the team has many positive benefits. Left to chance, team results are unpredictable and suboptimal. And even if the team does ultimately become successful it is likely they will have squandered precious time in their quest. Team Launch provides everything you need to get your team quickly working together to achieve outstanding results.

Reduce unnecessary conflict

Most people want to be successful and don’t intend to create conflict. So why do so many teams end up in conflict? Often, unproductive conflict comes from team members doing their best to be successful while holding differing understandings of the end goal, their role in achieving the goal, or expectations about the behaviors expected by other team members. Clarifying these upfront reduces misunderstandings.

Get everyone on the same page

Excited to be on the team, members may gallop out of the starting gate, only to find that they are headed in different directions. This can lead to frustration and false starts. Using the Project Charter included in Team Launch is a sure way to get everyone on the same page.

Create a fun, engaging environment

People do their best work when they are having fun. Time flies and goals are quickly accomplished as team members enjoy working together. Accomplishments are celebrated and team members are engaged.

Increase productivity and speed

Ultimately, Team Launch starts your team off right which lays the foundation for achieving organizational goals.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a high-performing team. It takes time for team members to learn to trust each other, so they can participate in healthy debate and hold each other accountable. Team Launch starts the team off right, providing processes and tools, many of which can be used throughout the life of the team.

Step 1: Define Success

Team members must have a common understanding of what it means to be successful. Imagine that your team is in a row boat. Each team member has an oar in the water and is paddling as hard as they can. If everyone is headed a slightly different direction then you can expect tension, frustration and delays as the boat moves one way and then another. The project charter assures that team members understand the end goal, what’s in and out of scope, available resources, and lots of other relevant information, allowing the team to maximize their effectiveness and achieve the goal more quickly. The beginning of the project is a good time to bring everyone together face-to-face. If you’ve chosen to do so, this is a good time to review the Project Charter with the team to get them on the same page quickly. It is important to discuss the elements of the Project Charter and not simply distribute it to the team. If meeting face-to-face isn’t possible, review the Project Charter on a conference call.

Step 2: Build Trust

Some leaders focus all their energy on the tasks that the team must accomplish. Making opportunities for team members to get to know each other personally is also important as it allows the team to bond. Teams that have high levels of trust are far more productive. In teams where trust is high, non-productive conflict is reduced as team members share their views and concerns, don’t waste time guessing about each other’s motives, and are able to hold each other accountable for the team’s success. Building trust among team members happens over time and increases with multiple interactions. Team Activities provide several different types of activities that can be used as the team is beginning to bond and throughout the life of the team.

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Team Launch

Team Launch

Download everything you need to launch a new team.


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