Manager Assimilation

Manager Assimilation is designed for the Human Resources professional who has responsibility for helping to assimilate a manager into his or her new role. It contains everything you need to prepare the new manager, plan and facilitate the manager assimilation meeting.

Manager Assimilation includes:

  • Manager Assimilation How-To Guide
  • Preparation Steps for the Assimilation Meeting
  • Discussion Questions, Topics, Meeting Structure and Facilitation Tips for the Assimilation Meeting
  • Review Guide for the New Manager

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Forty to sixty percent of leaders who move into in new roles, fail in their first eighteen months. This doesn’t have to happen. The new manager assimilation is a process that facilitates the rapid development of a strong, positive working relationship between the new leader and his or her staff. The process facilitates immediate, open, two-way communication concerning matters that are important to both the leader and his or her team, greatly increasing the success of the leader and team members.

Accelerates leader’s acclimation into the organization

Excited to be selected for the role, the new leader may not realize the implications of behaving counter to the accepted culture. Even when the leader desires to create a specific culture, understanding the current culture and creating a partnership with team members reduces unnecessary frustration and increases the likelihood of success. Manager Assimilation helps a new leader to acclimate quickly and accelerates relationship building and team cohesion.

Reduces anxiety and uncertainty for team members

At all levels of the organization, receiving a new manager can create uncertainty and anxiety. Many of the new leader’s team members will be uneasy until they understand what is expected of them, how to interpret the new leader’s behaviors and how the new leader defines success.

Provides focus on the critical priorities

In their zeal to make an impact at their new position, leaders often arrive with a list of actions they plan to take. Engaging with their new team provides a deeper understanding of what is working and what isn’t. This allows the new leader to better prioritize, to get off to a good start by correcting lingering issues, and to not unintentionally break those things that are working.

Building the team, Understanding the culture and Determining priorities don’t happen overnight. However, much progress can be made during the Manager Assimilation meeting when the foundation is laid, the most important topics are discussed and the environment is conducive to open dialogue. Laying the foundation for a successful Assimilation meeting begins by building a relationship with the new manager.

Step 1: Prepare for the Assimilation Meeting

Prior to the assimilation meeting it is important to meet with the new manager to understand his or her expectations of the meeting, to clarify roles, define success and assure the topics and environment will lead to the desired outcomes. The pre-meeting with the new manager provides an opportunity to assure that the leader is a proponent of the process and also allows for any coaching that is needed and for setting the stage for an on-going coaching relationship. Preparing for the Assimilation meeting also includes communication with the new leader’s team. This reduces the uneasiness that can occur when a new leader is at the helm. The Meeting Preparation guide covers the essentials for conducting an effective pre-meeting.

Step 2: Facilitate Assimilation Meeting

The effectiveness of the assimilation meeting is greatly influenced by the degree of candor and selection of relevant topics. The manager’s direct reports want to be seen in a favorable manner. The role of the facilitator is key to creating and maintaining an environment where people can bring up issues and concerns without feeling as if they are complaining, being negative or challenging the leader. The leader’s reaction also contributes to providing a safe-zone where candor is expected and valued. The Meeting Facilitation guide provides a list of potential topics, meeting structure and tips, as well as meeting follow-up.

Step 3: Follow Up

The assimilation meeting is an important element of preparing the leader for his or her new role; however, it is only the beginning of the process. The manager and his or her direct reports should receive a copy of the notes from the meeting. A follow-up to the assimilation meeting should also be considered. Continuing the process of building the team, understanding the culture and determining priorities will increase the leader and the team’s success. For additional resources on forming a new team, refer to The Team Launch How-To Guide.

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Manager Assimilation

Manager Assimilation

Download everything you need to manage a new Manager Assimilation meeting.


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