Think You’re Cut Out For The Boardroom? Take This Quiz.

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imsis124-037Executive level women shared what they’ve learned on their way to the top. Take this brief quiz to see if you are managing your career for success. Reflect on your current behavior and respond yes or no to each statement.

1. I say ‘yes’ to opportunities, even when I don’t think I’m ready.

2. I volunteer for projects outside my usual job duties.

3. I am known outside of my immediate chain of command.

4. I invest time in helping others succeed.

5. I know my organization’s most important priorities.

6. I show up to meetings prepared to contribute my opinion.

7. I seek out feedback and use it to improve my effectiveness.

8. I quantify the contributions I make to my organization’s success.

9. I anticipate how my words and actions will affect others around me.

10. I initiate and maintain meaningful business relationships outside of my organization.

11. I stay up-to date on important trends affecting my organization, my department and my work.

12. I know myself and what motivates me. I’ve built these into my life.

How did I do?

12 Correct – Awesome! Your career is on-track.

Fewer than 12 – Excellent! Looks like you have some room to grow. Learn and Evolve is one of the six lessons executive women do well.

You’ll find more on these topics plus more advice in our complimentary eBook – No Barbies In The Boardroom: Executive Women Reveal Lessons Learned.

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By Deb Graham: Entrepreneur, organizational behavior enthusiast, world traveler and avid learner, Deb applies her curiosity and passion for personal growth to the work environment. She enjoys helping women navigate the business world, add value to their workplace and manage their careers.

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