The Secret To Packing Lighter

1 Comment By Deb | Posted August 16, 2013

packed-car2I pack as much as possible into life. Last minute invitation to Paris? Sure. Join friends in Madrid and then back to their home in Switzerland? Of course. A few last minute family activities? Why not. A few more last minute committee meetings? Yes. After all, I am superwoman!

I fill up my work schedule and then cram as much around the edges as possible. No worries. Get up earlier. Go to sleep later. Multi-task. Whatever it takes to do it all.

And usually, with a bit of creativity and perseverance, it all works out. That is, until last week.

Through a misunderstanding with two of my granddaughters who I dearly love, I ended up locked out of my house. No access to my computer and the work I desperately needed to finish. I’d love to say I handled it with grace and dignity. Usually, I would have. But every minute of my time was scheduled and there was no time for a crisis. So I cracked.

And really, although it didn’t seem like it at the time, it was a minor crisis. No one was hurt or died. No long-term consequences. Eventually the locksmith arrived, I canceled a personal commitment and the work got done. But I was so disappointed in myself.

I hate that icky feeling when you let down those you love, so I decided to reflect on what happened so it wouldn’t happen again. Here’s what I learned.

1. I need to be more selective about saying ‘yes’. ‘No’ isn’t a bad word and it allows me to say ‘yes’ to the really important opportunities.

2. Get real. Everything takes two to three times longer than planned. This isn’t new. Plan for it!

3. And when things still go awry, breathe, relax and count my blessings.

It’s your turn now (I hope I’m not the only one who cracks).  What do you do to pack lighter?

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By Deb Graham: Entrepreneur, organizational behavior enthusiast, world traveler and avid learner, Deb applies her curiosity and passion for personal growth to the work environment. She enjoys helping women navigate the business world, add value to their workplace and manage their careers.


  • Gen says,

    Great advice! To get myself to pack lighter, before saying yes to something, I ask myself “what important things in my life will get less time or attention?”

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