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Monthly decisions around talent vetting and succession planning bogged down under the weight of data until Terri discovered that less is truly more.

For lively, productive discussions, undo information overload by providing only highly relevant information.

It’s natural to assume that smart decisions can only be made by studying all available facts. But we found our monthly 200-page data reports only dulled the leadership teams’ monthly discussion around succession planning and talent development. We were sending them way too much jet fuel. And our employees were in danger of growing stagnant.

Our company has 40,000 employees around the globe; my team and I are in charge of 8,000 of them. We realized our old prescriptive framework wasn’t helping us find the kind of talent best suited the fluidity of the financial services industry today. We needed a way to discuss the 160 people the leadership teams are interested in. We began by breaking that number down into groups of 10 to 20 each month.

We also extract smaller chunks of information from the data and lead discussions around an easily digestible sound bite such as, “Who has mobile, global and domestic experience?” Instead of pouring over reams of data, the leadership team gets small, iPad friendly PDF files to help them prepare for the next talent discussion. We attach a single relevant report, such as “Generation X and the importance of mobility.”

Thanks to this new approach, our discussions are less about moving people around the chess board or org chart, and more about doing “talent swaps.” With upward opportunity rare in this market, we now create lateral moves for employees. They benefit from new opportunities and our divisions benefit from fresh thinking.

Our leadership meetings are not only energized, the teams are eager to know the topic of next month’s discussion. Plus, each leader vies to have his or her own candidates discussed. We really brought life to the party.

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