Coaching Leaders and Creating Culture Change

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When tasked with nothing short of organizational transformation, Tracy and her 3-person team used the most powerful tool in their change arsenal.

A customized communication plan shows leaders what change looks like and how to make it happen

Our company, a global multi-site, multi-geographic billed service organization, has always been a leader. However, it was at risk of losing momentum, entrenched as it was in outdated processes and lacking in flexibility.

A pretty dramatic cultural turnaround was required. How are we doing it? With a customized communication plan. It sounds deceptively simple. But it couldn’t be more powerful in terms of strength and relative speed in creating the engaged culture we needed to stay ahead.

The company created a streamlined operational strategy that needed to become everyone’s pole star. Instead of dealing with snapshots of the daily business, today’s teams need to understand where they fit in the big picture and clearly see how they impact it and the company’s progress against goals.

To achieve that, we created a customized communication strategy for the top line down to the first line leader. Our approach was based on the team’s function and what the people leading those functions required. Emails, town hall meetings, blogs or videos with anytime access were tailored according to the audience interests.

We coached and developed team leaders to be strong, effective communicators who nurture talent. The majority needed an education in soft skills—listening, management by walking around and in building employee development plans. We showed them what that looked like. They began to build engagement and which motivated their employees to engage customers by creating a better experience.

Although our transformation is not complete, the company has a sharper competitive edge. We’re well on our way to becoming a modern organization—agile, engaged and optimized. Doing what we’ve done only better and with fewer resources.

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