Is Your Career On The Fast Track?

0 Comments By Deb | Posted October 23, 2013

CC000604You work hard.

People seem to like your work.

You may even get a few compliments.

But are you next in line for a promotion?

Want to make sure your name doesn’t come up? Keep using these career-busting approaches and you won’t have to worry about making difficult career decisions.


1. Wait To Be Recognized For The Good Work You Do

We think about ourselves far more often than others think about us. That’s also true for our work. Maybe you think your work speaks for itself. Well, work doesn’t speak. People do. So who is talking about your work?

2. Go It Alone

When you’re the smartest person in the department, you don’t need anyone else. Or do you? Few people like surprises. No matter how brilliant your idea, it is likely to be resisted if you haven’t asked others for their views.

3. Stay In Your Comfort Zone

You’re not ready for that new opportunity. Much safer to remain in your current role until you’ve learned everything you need to know to move on. But is it really safer? And when WILL you be ready?


Actions You Can Take To Amp Up Your Career

1. Next time you receive a compliment on your work, don’t just say ‘thanks’. Ask, ‘would you be willing to let others know about my work? Or, would you be willing to write a LinkedIn recommendation?

2. Before you make your next decision, ask those who will be impacted to share their views and suggestions. You’ll have a better solution and more support for your decision.

3. Broaden your knowledge and skills by taking on challenges that are uncomfortable. Actively look for projects and positions that stretch you. When you’re ready to say ‘no’ to an opportunity; ask yourself, do I really not want to do this or am I scared?



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By Deb Graham: Entrepreneur, organizational behavior enthusiast, world traveler and avid learner, Deb applies her curiosity and passion for personal growth to the work environment. She enjoys helping women navigate the business world, add value to their workplace and manage their careers.

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