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I know your life as an HR leader is busy, chaotic, challenging and at times, extremely rewarding. My goal is to help you be more influential, respected and confident by providing practical, on-demand solutions for your people and organization challenges. And when you need custom solutions or personal development, I can provide exactly what you need to be your best.


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Deb's Bio

Deb Graham understands human behavior and the implications for accelerating change. She translates strategy into action and using a strong understanding of change management principles assures the success of business initiatives.

As a seasoned Organization Effectiveness professional, she has worked as a business leader and a consultant with leaders across the globe to custom design and deliver leadership programs, understand cultural implications during mergers & acquisitions and manage change of large scale business transformations.

Deb earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University and certificates from Fielding Graduate University in coaching; University of Southern California in organization design; Lominger in competency modeling; and Hogan, MBTI and Insights in behavioral assessment.

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What you may not know about me...

*My daughters and I survived a tornado by hiding in the bathtub. We were fine. The house, not so much.

*First time I went scuba diving was in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

*In a moment of temporary insanity, I sky-dived with my sister.

*I love experiencing this amazing world. A few cool places I’ve worked: Brazil, China, Mexico, France, Switzerland, and Singapore.

*I’m passionate about learning, personal development and helping others live the life they want.

*Became a mother in High School. For the next 20 years, attended classes after work earning an associates, bachelors and masters degrees.

*Co-founded Moxie, a business women’s group. Our tag: Women Who Go For It.

*Recovering shoeaholic. I inherited this trait from my mom.


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